2 comments on “How I Plan To Spend The Fall TV Season

  1. Claire on ·

    I’ve gave up on Greys last season. I am one of the many who wished Meredeath had never come back from the dead in Season 3. Without her & Izzie, the show might regain some momentum. Too widely ridiculous for my liking.

    Private Practice I watched last season for La Walsh, & it was not perfect, but it was enjoyable. It has IMO the most talented cast on TV, & I hope the writer’s strike has done it good. At least we will get a full season & not just 9 episodes.

  2. Cecil on ·

    I can see giving up on Grey’s but don’t need to know what happens? I know last season wasn’t that good, I really do think it’s still one of the best shows on TV, even with it’s flaws.

    I think Private Practice will be better this year and I agree with you on it being one of the best cast on tv. Now all they have to do is give them something better to do.

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